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Real people, telling real stories on the impact of violence, exploitation and extremism, and how to help stop it

From Gangs to Changing Lives 6:32

Listen to Hezron’s powerful story about why he joined a gang, and the moment leading up to his 2-year suspended sentence – the trigger for turning his life around.

Dear Terrorist, I Forgive You 7:50

Figen Murray is the mother of Martyn Hett, 29, a PR worker who was killed in the Manchester Arena bomb attacks in May 2017,

From Gangs to Extremism 6:45

Listen to the incredible story of the Woolwich boys – a largely Somali led south London street gang.

My Son Joined ISIS 13:09

Nicola Benyahia shares details of the tragic exploitation of her teenage son groomed to join ISIS by people who remain at large.

Former Far-Right Extremist 4:30

Nigel became a leading Far-Right activist from the age of 16. He joined the National Front in 1982 and during the 1990s was a national council member for Combat 18.

Yasmin the Recruiter 5:29

Yasmin’s role was to recruit other women to join the extremist organisation in their aim to create a State. She now works to dissuade young people from joining extremist groups.