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Real people, telling real stories on the impact of violence, exploitation and extremism, and how to help stop it

Shahid | Former Extremist 3:20

Shahid fought skinheads in the 1980’s in Birmingham, then became an aid worker and soon joined the foreign fighters brigade in Bosnian – and then he was falsely imprisoned in Yemen. He is now active in combating racism, extremism and gang activity back in the UK.

Sammy | The Accidental Extremist 3:47

Sammy, a 23 year old German national, converted to Islam and decided to travel to Syria in 2014 with his friend, believing it was the best way to practise his faith and help other Muslims.

Saffiyah Khan | Woman in the EDL march 2:24

Saffiyah Khan from Birmingham gained instant fame after a photo of her staring down a leader of the English Defence League went viral.

From Gangs to Changing Lives 6:32

Listen to Hezron’s powerful story about why he joined a gang, and the moment leading up to his 2-year suspended sentence – the trigger for turning his life around.

Dear Terrorist, I Forgive You 7:50

Figen Murray is the mother of Martyn Hett, 29, a PR worker who was killed in the Manchester Arena bomb attacks in May 2017,

From Gangs to Extremism 6:45

Listen to the incredible story of the Woolwich boys – a largely Somali led south London street gang.

My Son Joined ISIS 13:09

Nicola Benyahia shares details of the tragic exploitation of her teenage son groomed to join ISIS by people who remain at large.

Former Far-Right Extremist 4:30

Nigel became a leading Far-Right activist from the age of 16. He joined the National Front in 1982 and during the 1990s was a national council member for Combat 18.

Yasmin the Recruiter 5:29

Yasmin’s role was to recruit other women to join the extremist organisation in their aim to create a State. She now works to dissuade young people from joining extremist groups.

The Formers | Journeys to the extreme 10:46

Listen to the formers as we ask them: What makes a person become an extremist? Why do people join an extremist group or become a foreign fighter?