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BRAVE Impact Report 2019-2020

What is violent extremism? Why might someone get involved? How do gangs and extremists recruit and groom young people? How can young people protect themselves and others? 

Watch the trailer for our new youth-focussed film with St Giles Trust, created by De Nova Media. As part of extending our reach in COVID times, we have made this film as part of the BRAVE Programme. In addition to our core face to face delivery, clients can access the full film complemented by interactive teacher and student-led activities and resources.

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Course: Contextual Safeguarding | Addressing Gangs, Extremism & Youth Violence

Interactive training sessions for professionals and communities from expert facilitators on issues relating to serious youth violence, extremism and exploitation with practical, operational outcomes.

FREE FILM RESOURCES:  Victim voices | Former violent extremists | Former gang members