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At ConnectFutures we use piloting to innovate, test and learn before launching our programmes. Evaluation – from our theories of change to our reports allow us to measure and build on our impact, delivering effective projects with measurable value, to create positive change.

We evaluate all our programmes – do contact us for more details.

We have worked directly with over

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The delivery was sensitive and engaging. We were encouraged throughout the session to consider our responses to instances of racism in schools, through policy development as well as individual action. – Teacher

The facilitator was fantastic, with such an in-depth knowledge and was able to answer all questions and prompt useful discussion. Very happy to have attended. – DSL

The people were cool and understood real life and I won’t forget it. I understand the ideas they spoke about more and understand it is not glamorous. – Student attending PRU

The session resulted in a student opening up about their experiences of exploitation. It meant the school could follow up the issue with student to ensure their on-going safety. – DSL

There was a very high level of engagement from our students. The authenticity of the deliverers was very high and contributed to the engagement of the students. The material was very relevant. This was the best group session that we have ever had presented at the Academy.
Thank you!

The training enabled partnerships between police and council to grow and understand the importance of understanding we are all responsible to safeguard our communities especially the vulnerable and the young.

Coincidentally this came up in a meeting with a young man on one my recent cases. He has shaved his head and is putting up Hitler posters. I felt much more confident discussing this after the training

Everything about the session was to a high standard. Our trainer encouraged learner input and explained content clearly. It's a good product for building trust.

A really well pitched and insightful workshop!