29th Nov 2017

Schools Week

Schools should be safe spaces – allowing outside authority figures to probe young girls’ choice of religious expression is precisely the wrong approach to take, argues Zubeda Limbada

18th Aug 2011

BBC News

Zubeda Limbada, said: “It’s almost like being invited into a private function. “It’s like being invited into a mosque and having access to seeing the type of prayers that people do in a mosque.

12th Oct 2015

The Telegraph

Zubeda Limbada, director of ConnectFutures, which works to promote trust between communities in order to reduce the risk of extremism, criticised the role of teachers in reporting children.

13th Dec 2018


Zubeda Limbada from Connect Futures, an outreach organization that tackles radicalization and extremism, agreed with the analysis that that far-right extremism and Islamic extremism “feed each other”.
13th Jan 2016

Victoria Derbyshire

Listen to Laura Zahra McDonald talk about former extremists and the preventative roles. What does de-radicalisation mean versus disengagement?

7th Jul 2019

The Sun

Speaking in a video by ConnectFutures, a deradicalisation group, he said: “We were extreme in the streets, and when I came to the religion [Islam] we just went from one extreme to another.”

22nd Jan 2018

Hits Radio

VIDEO: Martyn Hett’s mum hits out at internet trolls in new anti-extremism film by ConnectFutures. Martyn was one of the 22 people killed in the attack at Manchester Arena.

14th Mar 2018

The Daily Star

Professor Lynn Davies defines violent extremism as “when you do not allow for a different point of view; when you hold your own views as being quite exclusive.