Creating Change Together

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In The Beginning...

Creating Collaborative Communities

We believe that when you bring people together, even the most challenging of situations can be overcome. ConnectFutures was created to do just that: bring people together from all walks of life with the aim of making the world a more tolerant place.

Our Team

Diverse Thinking Drives Change

We believe in having a diverse team from a wide range of backgrounds. They’ve experienced tough challenges and have the knowledge and insight to help others. We also work with a wider network of people who are helping us on our journey. We work with organisations of all sizes, both public and private including large international institutions such as the UN and OSCE.

Our Company Values

Winning Hearts & Minds

- We strive to make tough subjects engaging & fun
- We surround ourselves with passionate people
- We collaborate with everyone
- We put innovation and creativity at the heart of everything we do
- We want to make a positive difference to society in partnership with all communities

Our Approach

A Combination of Science & Creativity

We use a combination of research, training and storytelling to give people the resource and skills they need to drive change. We pride ourselves on taking often complex information and delivering it in an easy-to-understand and accessible way. Most of all, we believe in experimenting, trying new things and innovating, in order to solve difficult problems.

Pay It Forward

Helping People Drive Change

We are conscious of the fact that we aren't going to change things overnight. That's why we empower our clients and communities, and equip them with the resources and knowledge to carry on the conversation. However, this alone isn't enough and that's why we work with organisations across the public and private sectors to inform policy and practice.

Our Vision

A World United

We believe in giving everyone a voice, even those we may not agree with. It’s about having a positive, engaging debate so we can empathise with one another. We help people build communities, so they can be optimistic about their futures and we help people build trust and feel safe in a society that’s constantly evolving.

We aren’t going to solve everything on our own. It’s bigger than us, but together we’ll create a better world for everyone.

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