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Examples of our most popular workshops and programmes

Through our combination of academic knowledge, practitioner experience and community connection, we have developed courses to increase understanding to promote equality and challenge hate. Our progammes explore diverse topics from the law to people’s lived experience, the paths into and out of violent extremism, hate crime, gangs, and youth violence, and other intersecting safeguarding concerns, and the practical actions to help prevent and identify risk and vulnerability.

Our aim is to build resilience and promote positive change.

PROFESSIONALS | Contextual Safeguarding: Addressing Gangs, Extremism & Youth Violence

An interactive training session for professionals and communities with expert facilitators, upskilling adults in contextual and complex safeguarding to address serious youth violence, extremism and exploitation. Provides practical information, tools and knowledge sharing.

YOUTH | COMMUNITIES | PROFESSIONALS | BRAVE: Building Resilience Against Violence and Extremism with St Giles Trust

Helps children and young people have greater awareness of the realities and issues surrounding gang involvement, drugs, violence, extremism and radicalisation, and learn about strategies to help avoid the risk of becoming involved in these activities.

YOUTH | Workshop: Fake News, Conspiracy and Truth

Young people are encouraged to question and critically engage on the topic of extremism within the context of news – both face to face and online – and how perception may be manipulated.

YOUTH | Race, Privilege and Justice

Young people understand how race and privilege manifest in the world around them, whilst getting the opportunity to discuss these complex issues. By the end of the session, participants feel more confident addressing the subject with peers and adults. 

YOUTH | Healthy and happy relationships: Gender, difference and keeping safe

Young people are facing the normalisation of misogyny and incel-inspired ideas online. This course approaches the topic through the framework of healthy relationships. It deepens conceptual knowledge of what gender, prejudice and violence are, as well as explores healthy ways to develop supportive and happy relationships with people who are different to them. Includes exploration of what Incel groups and ideology are, exploring their manifestations online, focuses on practical tools, and builds confidence in a safe space using interactive and engaging content. 

PROFESSIONALS | COMMUNITIES Incels, Misogyny and the Manosphere

As the threat of incel violence becomes more explicit and young people face normalisation of ideas found within the ideology, professionals working with young people are faced with the challenge of recognising and tackling the issues in a practical way. The course deepens conceptual knowledge of what incel groups and ideology are, exploring their manifestations online, focuses on practical tools, and builds confidence in a safe space using interactive and engaging content. 

YOUTH | Extended small group and 1-2-1 support sessions

Embedding learning and providing more support to targeted groups and individuals enables us to focus on specific issues that may arise from a workshop, from safeguarding disclosures to critical thinking or further work on attitudinal change.

YOUTH | Mentoring Services: small groups and 1-2-1s

For longer-term interventions with young people require more intensive mentoring, our team can provide specialists to tackle complex and intersecting issues, from factors impacting personal wellbeing and mental health, to addressing specific and serious issues relating to violence and extremism.

PROFESSIONALS | Race, Privilege and Justice | Introductory and Intermediate Levels

These interactive workshops move beyond traditional diversity training and are grounded in practical outcomes. The sessions enable staff to engage with sensitive or uncomfortable topics resulting in greater confidence to discuss with peers and young people.

PROFESSIONALS & COMMUNITIES | Building Resilience with New Communities

This tailored course up-skills third sector, community organisations and networks, with a focus on new communities, to deliver ready-made workshops to young people & adults around extremism & cohesion in a range of settings.

PROFESSIONALS & COMMUNITIES | Fake News, Conspiracy and Truth

Participants are encouraged to question and critically engage on the topic of fake news, conspiracy theories and extremism on and offline, and how perception may be manipulated. Signposting around next steps is included in this impactful workshop. Deepens knowledge, focuses on practical tools, and builds confidence in a safe space using interactive and engaging content.

PROFESSIONALS | Rise of Far Right, Mixed Ideology & Hateful Extremism

Building Skills to Engage & Make Change with Young People & Communities.

In-depth, practical and intensive training to multiple cohorts or organisations over 1 day, plus 4 pre-designed sessions for young people to takeaway.

PROFESSIONALS | Safety Planning with Young or Vulnerable Clients

Safety Planning Interventions are a practical and powerful immediate tool that can be used to safeguard in the wake of trauma and danger, while other longer-term safeguarding processes are set in motion.

PROFESSIONALS | COMMUNITIES | Understanding Prevent, beyond WRAP training

So, you’ve done the WRAP training – now what? Still feel you want your organisation to really engage with the following and top up your learning? The material is engaging, interactive and filled with clear practical outcomes, exploring issues in more depth.

PROFESSIONALS | SAVE Online Introduction | Safeguarding Against Violent Extremism

Quick online courses for professionals in educational, public & third sectors on safeguarding against violent extremism talking through real cases, discussing prevent strategies and learning intervening techniques.

PROFESSIONALS | COMMUNITIES | SAVE In-Depth F2F| Safeguarding Against Violent Extremism

SAVE is tailored to your local context, organisational needs and sector, from teachers & DSLs to community organisations. From 2 – 6 hours, SAVE deepens knowledge of violence, extremism and exploitation, focussing on practical tools, and building confidence in a safe space using interactive and engaging content. 

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