Our Courses

Through our combination of academic knowledge, practitioner experience and community connection, we have developed courses to increase understanding about the law, the path into and out of violent extremism, hate crime, gangs, and youth violence, and other intersecting safeguarding concerns, and the practical actions to help prevent and identify risk and vulnerability.

Gang Prevention & Intervention

A workshop tackling gang recruitment & activities, tailored to the needs of your young people in schools, colleges & community settings. Tackles issues by combining a preventative approach with intervention techniques where needed.

Building Resilience Against Violence and Extremism

Helps children and young people have greater awareness of the realities and issues surrounding gang involvement, drugs, violence, extremism and radicalisation, and learn about strategies to help avoid the risk of becoming involved in these activities.

Understanding Prevent, beyond WRAP training

So, you’ve done the WRAP training – now what? Still feel you want your organisation to really engage with the following and top up your learning? The material is engaging, interactive and filled with clear practical outcomes.

Prevention Against Violence for Youth

A specialist, bespoke consultation involving interviews with key staff members. This course looks at all aspects that contribute to resilience against radicalisation, promoting British values, and challenging violent extremism.

Building Resilience with New Migrant Communities

This course upskills community organisations and networks, with a focus on new communities, to deliver delivery-ready workshops to young people & adults around extremism & cohesion in a range of settings.

Safeguarding Against Violent Extremism

This courses increases and deepens the knowledge of violent extremism and is combined with practical tools and strategies for effective safeguarding work including prevention and intervention & processes.

(Online Course) Safeguarding Against Violent Extremism

A quick online course on safeguarding against violent extremism that gives practical action by talking through real cases, discussing prevent strategies and learning intervening techniques.

Recognising Vulnerabilities & Building Resilience

The impact of violent extremism and radicalisation is an important aspect of safeguarding and this course attempts to provide a quick overview around vulnerabilities, conversations around extremism and how to spot some of the identified behaviours.

Still Haven’t Found What Your Looking For?

OK, so we might not have the power of Bono and The Edge but we do believe in giving our clients what they want. That's why we offer tailored training and courses based on what you want and need.