BRAVE | Building Resilience Against Violence & Extremism with St Giles Trust

Helps children and young people have greater awareness of the realities and issues surrounding gang involvement, drugs, violence, extremism and radicalisation, and learn about strategies to help avoid the risk of becoming involved in these activities.
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Who For?

This adaptable course can be delivered to any sized groups of young people to fit needs, including Primary, Secondary, FE, PRUs, Alternative Provision, YOS, Community settings.


3 x 90 minute sessions delivered through St Giles Trust and ConnectFutures facilitators plus enhanced presence.

Enhanced Presence

Facilitators will remain after the session to be on hand to offer further support to young people. Where disclosures are made, our facilitators will follow safeguarding procedures which include alerting the educational division’s safeguarding lead.

Topics & Learning Outcomes


Combines the impact of violent extremism and gang exploitation

Myth Busters

Dispels myths relating to gang violence and violent extremism


Looks at how perpetrators recruit young people, and what they can do to stay safe


Includes slides, videos, social media and group discussions

Delivered With Happiness

“We were informed of the dangers in a very educational, fun and helpful way.”

AbdiCollege Student

“Excellent facilitators and content. BRAVE was a very engaging and relevant course.”

MattVice Principal at a Secondary School

BRAVE has been funded by the Home Office for 3 consecutive years, each year growing in delivery capacity. BRAVE has already been positively evaluated, both independently and by the Home Office, and delivered in a number of priority areas including Birmingham, Tower Hamlets, Brent, Merton, Bexley, Lewisham and Welling & Islington.

Students engaged through the programme

BRAVE is extremely well run, delivers work that is highly relevant to Prevent and performs to a high, efficient and effective standard.

Centre for Trust, Peace and Social RelationsCoventry University


Each BRAVE workshop requires 90 minutes, engaging young people on gang exploitation and safeguarding against violent extremism. BRAVE sessions are jointly developed and delivered by St Giles Trust and ConnectFutures, combining their expertise, experience, skills and knowledge.
BRAVE can be delivered to both small targeted groups – between 5-30 young people – and larger assembly-style audiences – up to 500 young people. We have delivered in schools to children as young as years 5 and 6, all the way up to young adults and parents in community settings, all with tremendous feedback attesting to the effectiveness of the workshops.
BRAVE seeks to communicate a number of key messages identifying the similarities between gang involvement, extremism and radicalisation. It also supports schools and colleges to be able to tackle issues that they may feel ill-equipped to deal with, without the adverse publicity of being seen as ‘having this problem’.


We want to make sure our training can be accessed by everyone who needs it and that’s why we have three plans for your consideration.



3 x 1 hour workshops



5 x 1 hour workshops with enhanced presence



Bespoke training available on request

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