Contextual Safeguarding: Addressing Gangs, Extremism & Youth Violence

Interactive training sessions for professionals and communities from expert facilitators on issues relating to serious youth violence, extremism and exploitation with practical, operational outcomes
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Topics & Learning Outcomes


Upskill staff in contextual and complex safeguarding to address serious youth violence, extremism and exploitation. Provides practical information, tools and knowledge sharing.


Delivered by trainers with a deep understanding of issues, including local knowledge of intersecting issues faced by young people and communities.


Explains and explores how and why gangs target young people for recruitment, exploitation and
violence, using vivid, local case studies.


Provide staff with an overview of the Contextual Safeguarding (CS) model, an update on serious youth violence in their area and provide tools with which to practically implement contextual safeguarding principles.


Contextual Safeguarding Intro: Participants are given 3 case studies based on real life events of extra-familial harm. They have to highlight the main concerns in regards to the case studies, each related to a different child who share the same context. Participants are introduced to this model of safeguarding, re-visiting the case studies as they go.


Mapping the Local Landscape: Participants consider geography of their school, language of their students, behaviour themes to create a shared community map. Allows staff to develop a clear picture of the community in which they operate – can be taken away and developed for operational purposes.


Spheres of Influence: Activity that explores the CS model whilst considering he influence the different contexts have over a child. This activity will allow staff to understand the areas in which a child needs safeguarding, and make real positive impact.


Staff groups, small or large, as appropriate.

Delivery & Costs

We want to make sure our training can be accessed by everyone who needs it and that’s why we have three plans for your consideration.

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Bespoke training available on request

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