Gang Prevention & Intervention

A workshop tackling gang recruitment & activities, tailored to the needs of your young people in schools, colleges & community settings, KS 2-5
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Topics & Learning Outcomes


Tackles issues relating to gang recruitment & activities combining a preventative approach with
intervention techniques where needed.


Delivered by trainers with a deep understanding of issues, including lived experience


Explains and explores how and why gangs target young people for recruitment, exploitation and
violence, using vivid, age appropriate case studies


Demonstrates realities and consequences of gang involvement, harm to young people, families
and communities


Increases critical thinking to see past the sales pitches and glamorisation including the
appropriation of youth culture, use of social media and offline networks that gangs utilise in the recruitment process, reducing vulnerability


Provides practical tools for young people to protect themselves and others from exploitation, and to remove themselves from danger; and for adults, tools to prevent & intervene


Reinforces and highlights alternative actions and behaviour, with positive messaging around
health, wellbeing, shared values and positive sociality


General / assemblies, targeted and one-to-one formats available for young people

Delivery & Costs

We want to make sure our training can be accessed by everyone who needs it and that’s why we have three plans for your consideration.



3 x 1 hour workshops



5 x 1 hour workshops with enhanced presence



Bespoke training available on request

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