Bespoke, interactive workshops for young people & teachers

We design and deliver interactive workshops and courses tailored to the needs of our clients covering topics such as resilience against radicalisation, citizenship, and challenging serious youth violence.
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Prevent Audit in preparation for OFSTED

Diagnostic Service & Curriculum Development (Schools & Colleges: Management Teams and DSLs)


A specialist, bespoke consultation involving interviews with key staff members.


Looks at all aspects that contribute to resilience against radicalisation, promoting British
values, and challenging violent extremism.


A detailed, written report and an action plan outlining all areas of strengths and proposals to strengthen the school’s Prevent strategy/Duty.

Youth Workshop KS2-5

Student Workshop: Prevention Against Violence for Youth


Explores the exploitative recruitment processes used by gangs/violent extremists online and face to face.


Looks at how perpetrators recruit young people & how they can stay safe.


Practical tools to avoid recruitment and exploitation.


Encouraging discussions and age-appropriate content.


Adjustable to organisational needs & group sizes.


Reports, accreditation and evaluations provided.

Prevent Course

Teacher Workshop: Safeguarding Against Violent Extremism (SAVE)


New legislation & implications.


The path into and out of violent extremism-far right & Islamist

Digital Safety

Online recruitment and staying safe.


Discussion using our short films.


Prevent and identify risk & vulnerability.


Access to ongoing engagement, top tips and relevant content.

The relationship between ConnectFutures and my school began in January ’17. Our first
ConnectFutures session had thought-provoking videos, discussion groups and activities and
staff were overwhelmingly positive in their feedback. This prompted us to want to become
a beacon school for the Prevent strategy working in close partnership with the ConnectFutures team and during our recent OFSTED inspection in November 2017, we were graded OUTSTANDING in all areas. I highly recommend the ConnectFutures team and would be happy for anyone to get in contact with me if they require more information.

Mrs. Debbie WestwoodHead Teacher, Christ Church C of E Primary, Birmingham

Delivery & Costs

We want to make sure our training can be accessed by everyone who needs it and that’s why we have three plans for your consideration.

Prevent Audit in preparation for OFSTED


Length: 0.5 ~ 3 days (tailored to the size and needs of your institution) price quoted for 0.5 day.

3 hr Prevent Course


Length: 3 hours – not number restricted

Youth Workshop KS2-5


Length: 1.5 hours to whole year groups

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