Young People | Race, Privilege and Justice

A workshop to understand concepts to practically support anti-racism work with peers and young people.
Session Overview:
- Exploring the context: Participants gain an insight and overview of current issues related to racial justice in the UK, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the decolonisation of the curriculum discussion.
- Exploring the history: Participants will discuss the role of history in our behaviours in and outside the classroom, and in our institutions. They will consider the role of colonial history and the impact it may have on people of colour in modern Britain.
- Exploring the examples: How does white privilege, bias and colonial thinking manifest in the
classroom, institutions and individual behaviours? Participants will be provided with specific scenarios for discussion, including leadership representation.
- Exploring our options: Participants will be presented with tools and resources to discuss issues and uncomfortable questions related to racial justice with peers and students.
Please note: our training is rooted in collective and interactive learning and as such, most of our workshops require constant group discussion and activity. This particular training session seeks to challenge participants to confront their ideas and understandings of challenging topics, whilst gives participants a chance to practice engaging in difficult conversations in a facilitated environment.